Business Architecture Essentials

Business Architecture Essentials – Prioritizing Process and Capability Change Part 2: A Comprehensive Treatment

Introduction This is the tenth article in my Business Architecture Essentials series. In article nine I dealt with a fast way of comparing the strategic intent North Star of our vision, goals and objectives as the basis for a high level business process centric approach to prioritizing the highest gain and highest pain buckets of…

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Business Architecture Essentials – Prioritizing Business and Process Change Part 1: A Fast-tracked Approach

Introduction This is the ninth article in my Business Architecture Essentials series. To date we have tackled business ecosystem dynamics, stakeholder and strategy issues as well as establishing a number of foundational architectural models that organize our work and our assets, tangible and otherwise. In the last article I dealt with the tricky topic of…

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Business Architecture Essentials: ‘Aligning your Capabilities, Processes and Business Information: Connecting the Dots’

In the sixth article of this series (I.e. the previous one) I described a business stakeholder relationship and business concept (object) approach to defining the capability map, adding to the business process architecture from article 5 earlier. It is important to re-iterate that all of these models define key Figure 1 concepts of the business.…

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Business Architecture Essentials : ‘Developing your Capability Architecture: It’s all about being able to get things done’

In the first article of this series, I discussed the current interest in Business Architecture that has been brewing in the last little while and also discussed some of the frameworks that professionals have been looking at for inspiration. The first article was intended to provide an overview of the field and it introduced an…

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