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We are the longest running BPM professional services company in the world.

We were the first to develop and apply a comprehensive process methodology that focussed on performance improvement. We have helped our clients globally to realize significant process improvements and implement new business models on over two hundred occasions.

We continue to lead the field, with our recent introduction of the Business Agility manifesto, and pioneering the principles of self management within organization.

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Working with PRG

We most value a holistic, common sense and value focused work philosophy.

We believe in looking at all perspectives of business issues and balancing criteria for the solution to ensure optimum fit.

Optimizing for results

We optimize for measurable business performance while avoiding business and compliance risks concurrently.

People Focused

We strive to eliminate staff frustration, by design processes that engage and empower your team to deliver on their stated objectives and targets

Technology Agnostic

While we have worked and partnered with numerous technology vendors over the years, our solutions are always first and foremost based on your individual organization’s needs. When necessary, we will recommend only the best tools to meet your requirements.

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Business Process Improvement

Resolve your business performance challenges; elevate your business results.

Change Management and Culture Change

Deliver and keep the promise

of your change

COE Setup and Optimization

Boost your ability to continuously transform your business

Business Architecture Design

Gain deeply insightful advice based upon professional experience

Operational Risk Management

Go beyond compliance. Reduce risks and improve your processes concurrently

Process Documentation

Get your process documentation in order

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Upcoming Events

IRMUK – Digital Process Analysis and Design: Optimizing the Customer Experience through Digital Innovation @ etc.venues Marble Arch
Jun 6 @ 8:00 am – Jun 7 @ 5:00 pm

Whether private or public sector, the demand is skyrocketing for organizations to provide digitalized services for their customers. Well-designed solutions appear seamless and are in tune with customer expectations for the right service delivered through a simple, intuitive interface whenever and wherever they want. Going digital, however, cannot be the sole objective. Digital technology alone will not solve a business problem. Comprehensive digitalized capability must be tackled in the context of an omni-channel world that can involve human and robotic agents, machine learning and cyber-based intelligent support interchangeably in a comprehensive process. Digitalizing requires professional analysis and design of the end to end experience. Due to interconnectivity of all the actions required and the absolute need for 100% data integrity it is even more important to connect all the dots between our customers and our business operations in the front office and the back. This is not a problem that Lean techniques will solve nor will ‘Agile’ development be able to handle by itself. To be done well, we have to apply disciplined approaches including large parts of marketplace understanding, business architecture and integrated design of many solution domains required for the processes to work. Business architects and business designers must still follow a sound set of repeatable practices using renewed methods of process analysis and design adapted for opportunities in a digital world.

This course will address what degree of process work is required for today’s organizations striving to establish digital business capabilities to optimize the end to end customer journey and leverage resources in the most effective manner. It will emphasize the customer aspects of the challenge given that customers are no longer recipients of what we do but are key actors with us in doing it. They are a part of newly conceived business processes in partnership with us. We have to design shared processes with them in mind.

This class deals with the development of digitalized processes and services. It does not address digital strategies or digital architecture directly.


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